About us

JS Sp. o.o. since 1991 has been selling wholesale underwear, tights, socks and clothing. Currently we are the leader of wholesale lingerie and hosiery in Poland. Already more than 25 years we distribute assortment of about 300 brands to customers in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe. From the beginning we put special emphasis on the development of trade relations in the eastern market.

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Currently, the company JS runs Poland’s largest wholesale center with a total area of approx. 8500 m2 – the self-service exhibition space and storage:

Our success is the result of work of many people who watch the continuous development of the company, taking care of customer needs and seeking new business solutions. JS Company can be compared to a smooth functioning, a great body (employs more than 200 people), which through efficient internal and external communication and the need for continuous improvement makes us competitive in the domestic and foreign markets. Professionalism and experience is our strength.

The company JS is not only a wholesale center, we are the originator and owner of La Vantil salons and Grejs of branded underwear, located in shopping centers throughout the country. Currently, the network of shops to 10 own stores, 14 franchise stores.

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Company Timeline

JS Sp. o.o. It dates back to the early nineties. In 1991. Owners – Jacek Toboła and Stanisław Marek Trybuchowicz founded the company JS.

Chronological events of the company:

1991 – the beginning of the activity as PANTYHOSE WHOLESALE – EXPORT-IMPORT (first seat JS – ul. Sądecka 26, Lublin)
1992 – change of residence, increasing the surface area of the company, wholesale JS “Rose” – EXPORT-IMPORT ul Bursaki 12, Lublin
1993 – change of residence, increasing the surface area of the company, wholesale JS, ul. Prusa 8, Lublin
1994 – change of residence, increasing the surface area of JS, ul. Wolska 11, Lublin
1998 – change of residence, increasing the surface area of JS – CLOTHING CENTER WHOLESALE, ul. Smoluchowskiego 1, Lublin
1999 – the first fashion show in the company JS
2005 – created the first living La Chanson (OI in Lublin)
2006 – The first room La Vantil (OI in Lublin) (www.lavantil.pl)
2008 – establishment of an online store with retail eVenus
2010 – opening of the distribution center Gatta and Wola
2012 – created Internet warehouse eHURT
2013 – making desktop counterparty HURT JS
2014 – opening of the first stores by Grejs; They appear the first products Mediolano®
2015 – created another salons La Vantil and Grejs; Internet warehouse is combined with the desktop counterparty www.ehurt.js.com.pl

2016 – opening another salons of La Vantil and Grejs

2017 – opening another salons of  La Vantil and Grejs

2018 – new internet shops for our brands Mediolano®, Jasmine, Giulia oraz Big Bussi