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From Boy Smells to Byredo and Otherland, there are more direct-to-consumer candles nowadays than just the ol’ Yankee Candles of your youth. With scents like “Kush” and “Girl, You Need to Calm the F Down,” these aren’t your mother’s candles. Butterfly Glass Candle Holder

The Cutest Candleholders That Double As Decor | HuffPost Life

Let’s just say: If there’s a scent, you can probably find a candle for it.

Candles are hot right now — when you’re feeling burned out, you might just turn to a candle to take some of the stress off. You could light up a Diptyque or Voluspa when the mood strikes.

It’s not just candles that are seeing an upswing — sales of home fragrances are also up, including diffusers and room sprays. Since lots of us are spending more time in than out, it makes sense that we all want our spaces to smell nice.

Beyond just candles, nowadays you’ll see everything from an actual Marie Antoinette incense holder at Catbird to ashtrays for burning sage at Urban Outfitters.

If you’re well-stocked on candles, you might go for those tapered candles that are more about decorating a room than giving off an odor (most taper candles are unscented anyways).

We wanted to find decorative candleholders for tapers and pillars that’ll double as decor, from this one decorated with lemons to this geometric candelabra.

You can stick a candle (or two or three) in these. Even when they’ll aren’t lit, they’ll be pretty enough to stand out in a room.

Check out these cute candleholders that’ll strike the right match.

The Cutest Candleholders That Double As Decor | HuffPost Life

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