Stool Scenes 391. On this week's Stool Scenes, the Barstool office becomes entranced by the weight of a Tungsten Cube, the Barstool Sports Advisors take on a rage room for their season finale, Snooki, Jwoww, Vinny, and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast visits Barstool HQ, and the YAK hosts their third case race with Shane Gillis.

Dave Portnoy Gifts Employees The World's Most Valuable Watch | Stool Scenes Tungsten Copper Alloys

He Bought The World's Heaviest Cube | Stool Scenes | Barstool Sports

Mean Girls Ignite Barstool Civil War | Stool Scenes 399

Madness Takes Over Barstool Sports - Stool Scenes 398

Barstool Takes On The Most Magical Place On Earth | Stool Scenes 397

Trivia Scandal Tears Barstool Office Apart | Stool Scenes

New Barstool Employee Experiences Shocking First Week | Stool Scenes 395

Is There a Murderer Working at Barstool Sports? | Stool Scenes

Dave Portnoy Sends Employees To a Week in Massive Arizona Mansion | Stool Scenes 393

Barstool Employee Is Fighting Fyre Festival's Villain | Stool Scenes

He Bought The World's Heaviest Cube | Stool Scenes

He Kicked Loser Employee Out Of The Barstool Office | Stool Scenes 390

Barstool Super Fan Gets His Dream Job | Stool Scenes

Inside The Chaos Of Barstool's First Bowl Game | Stool Scenes

Stool Scenes Best Of 2022 | Part II

Dave Portnoy's Decision To Bring Back Rico Bosco | Stool Scenes

Rico Bosco's Exit Stuns Barstool Sports | Stool Scenes

Dave Portnoy Ambushes Ohio State Fan | Stool Scenes

Big Cat & Dave Portnoy Take Over the Grittiest College Tailgate in America

Deleted Footage Made Him Lose His Mind | Stool Scenes

He Took A Lie Detector Test To Prove His Innocence

Theo Von Took This Joke Too Far | Stool Scenes 381

He Started a Riot at the Office | Stool Scenes 380

Dave Portnoy Gets His Chain Snatched By College Mascot | Stool Scenes 379

Trivia Competition Leads to War Between Coworkers | Stool Scenes 378

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He Bought The World's Heaviest Cube | Stool Scenes | Barstool Sports

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