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SHENZHEN, China , May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CCELL®, the world's leading technology brand with a focus on creating trendsetting vaping hardware products and advanced vaporizing technology, today announced that it has just released a new interactive vaporizer battery, the Rizo. Caterpillar Vapes

CCELL Launches Rizo, a New Interactive Vaporizer Battery

Rizo is a palm-fitting battery designed for discreet and efficient use. It features a premium full-metallic casing, three-bar battery status LED, and a unique slide switch that allows users to shift quickly between two preferred temperature settings. These specialized settings help users experience their vaporizers differently, whether it's truer-to-taste flavors or maximized potency.

In addition, Rizo, when paired with a CCELL 510 Thread Cartridge, offers a fun, engaging experience with gentle haptic feedback with every inhalation. This offers users an additional physical sensation to amplify their vaping experience.

"We developed Rizo to look more like an everyday device rather than a traditional vape pen, so that end-users can easily integrate it into their daily lives," says Joe S., Vice President of CCELL®. "We want to offer high-quality products that are palatable to people with a variety of lifestyles."

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CCELL® is a technology brand and global innovator in the portable vaporizer space that revolutionized the industry by introducing the ceramic heating component. CCELL® was born in the headquarters of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited, which has more than 10 years of expertise in the vaporization industry. With advanced R&D resources, patented technologies, strong production capability and reliable quality control system, CCELL® has been recognized for its exceptional vaporizing technology and top-quality devices.

CCELL Launches Rizo, a New Interactive Vaporizer Battery

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