This is going to be a surprising inclusion on this list as Bryce Callahan played quite well for the LA Chargers this season. Staley reunited with Callahan after the 2022 NFL Draft as he was one of several post-draft signings that the Bolts made.

To be fair, the Chargers did an excellent job of landing veterans who ended up playing a big role on this team in free agency after the draft. It is not easy to do that and without those players, the Chargers may not have made the playoffs. M6 Anchor Bolt

4 free agents the Chargers shouldn't even bother trying to re-sign

Los Angeles was able to get Callahan on a discount as he was coming off of an injury-plagued season that really hurt his production. That is not the case heading into the 2023 offseason and after having a solid season in the slot for the Bolts, Callahan has increased his value.

The Chargers do not have the means to re-sign Callahan for more than they paid him last season nor should they even want to. We have seen firsthand with the likes of Casey Hayward and Chris Harris how quickly old corners can regress in the NFL. Callahan is going to turn 32 next season, which is old for a cornerback.

Veteran cornerbacks like Callahan are great when they are flier signings, as he was last season. They are not so great when they cost more and restrict the team from doing other things, especially when regression is on the table.

Michael Davis played his way to stay on this team and J.C. Jackson should be back. Don't expect Callahan to be back.

4 free agents the Chargers shouldn't even bother trying to re-sign

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