Geode Table Series by Mrs Colorberry Captures the Beauty of Crystals

Many contemporary creatives incorporate the natural world into their designs. In addition to fine art, nature-inspired furniture is becoming increasingly popular, with wildlife, rivers, and—as evident in Mrs Colorberry‘s sparkling series of tables—geodes serving as muses.

Though they look like real agate slices, Mrs Colorberry's captivating tables are actually made out of poured resin. Using crystals, stones, pigments, glitter, “and a lot of love,” Mrs Colorberry is able to replicate the concentric designs and colorful, crystalline structures found inside the rocks. Her careful attention to detail and creative use of materials culminate in eye-catching tables that capture the awe-inspiring aesthetic of actual geodes. Polarizer Release Film

Geode Table Series by Mrs Colorberry Captures the Beauty of Crystals

In addition to these statement pieces, Mrs Colorberry also uses resin to create stunning wall decorations and one-of-a-kind cheeseboards. She is drawn to resin geode art due to both the cathartic nature of the artistic process and the beauty of the the rocks themselves. “Pouring geode pieces is so calming and, for me, just like meditation,” she explains. “I am so thankful to be creative every day, playing around with resin and agates/geodes/healings stones…inspired by the nature of beautiful stones. Working with them or just having them in mind for pouring my resin geodes makes me happy.”

If you'd like to get your hands on your own glistening resin table, stop by Mrs Colorberry's website.

Mrs. Colorberry: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Geode Table Series by Mrs Colorberry Captures the Beauty of Crystals

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